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*** 3 Exhilarating shows in the Bay Area ***

San Rafael - Saturday April 17, 2004 8 PM
Oakland - Sunday April 18, 2004 5 PM
San Francisco - Sunday April 25, 2004 8 PM

In MILANyA, NATyA presents an enchanting "milan" (union) of Indian classical dance styles, world music, legends, and passion. Nurturing tradition, NATyA stages fresh blossoms from ancient roots. NATyA's innovative pieces will charm traditionalists and entice modern audiences.

NATyA will premiere several original pieces in a scintillating demonstration of dance energy. In MILANyA, NATyA explores various forms of energy (Shakti) and showcases the storytelling characteristics of different Indian classical dance styles.

Artists: Smitha Radhakrishnan, Rani Ramrattan, Shanti Ramrattan, Vallari Shah, Ranjani Vedanthan

Tickets: $15 at door, $12 in advance (see numbers below for advance reservations).


Saturday April 17, 8 PM
Open Secret Bookstore
923 C Street
San Rafael CA 94901
Reservations: 415-457-4191

Sunday April 18, 5 PM
Oakland Box Theater
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland CA 94612
Near 19th Street BART
Reservations: 925-779-9775

Sunday April 25, 8 PM
Jon Sims Center
1519 Mission Street
San Francisco 94103
Near Civic Center BART
Reservations: 925-779-9775