Avatars of Truth & Melody

Experience Vishnu’s journey
to bring balance and save the world
through Indian dance, spoken word poetry, and
world fusion music

NATyA and VidyA join their formidable talents for making the classical relevant to the contemporary arts scene in a one-of-a-kind performance.  NATyA’s tapestry of dance and poetry takes root in the ten incarnations of Vishnu and blossoms in the struggle for balance in today's world of extremes: of freedom and exploitation, of hope and despair, of reality and illusion. 

Three shows in San Francisco
Memorial Day Weekend
May 26,
27, 28

NATyA’s presentation weaves together classical Indian dance, spoken word poetry, and world music to offer a profound reinterpretation of the Dasavatar, an ancient set of stories depicting the ten incarnations of Vishnu, a central god in the Hindu pantheon.  NATyA reflects these ancient tales by depicting diverse moments in time and space: 19th-century Gandhians and 20th century environmentalists, the sacrifices of Nelson Mandela, and the wisdom of the Buddha, to name a few.


Following NATyA’s premier, audiences will be immersed in VidyA’s adventurous interpretations of ten raagas, or classical melodies, in a series of compositions that defy boundaries between the classical and the contemporary.  VidyA seamlessly connects the emotional power of Indian raagas with the improvisational freedom of jazz in a sound that instantly draws audiences into its energy and intensity.

1310 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Near Civic Center BART

Tickets: $18 at door, $15 in advance
Children (2-12): $12 at door


Deepa, Jyotsna, Nitya, Smitha, Vallari