Thursday Mar 8, 8pm

On Stage is proud to present:

Indian Classical: Dhrupad
on Chandra-Veena

S. Balachander (Chandra-Veena)
Dhaval (Pakhawaj)



Dhrupad is the most ancient tradition of Indian Classical Music surviving today. It is a form of Maarga Sangeet (Music as a Spiritual Quest), tracing its origins to Sama Vedic chants. It is meditative in nature, inviting contemplation and surrender.

S. Balachander (Chandra-Veena) - an instrumentalist who belongs to the Dagar Vani school of Dhrupad, and a disciple of the renowned vocalist Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar. S. Balachander will be presenting a Dhrupad recital on the ‘Chandra Veena’, a modified version of the Saraswati Veena developed by him, which has a tonal quality, resonance and sustenance suitable for playing all the nuances of the Dhrupad Alaap. S. Balachander has had training in both the Carnatic and Hindustani musical traditions and seamlessly integrates elements of both streams in his music.

Donation: 300 (all proceeds go to the artists)
Children below 8 not allowed unless students of the arts
Email to reserve and get detailed directions
Whitefield, Bangalore



NATyA offers Bharatanatyam classes for adults and children in Whitefield, Bangalore and Natick, Massachusetts to increase their interest and skills in classical Indian dance.



OnStage is an offering to fans of performing arts in Whitefield, Bangalore. We feature artists in an intimate relaxed setting, providing an opportunity to experience performances up close and creating a rich, close connection between the artist and the audience.






Sunday Apr 17 6pm

On Stage humbly presents:

Sacred Music: Satvaanii
Bhuwan Sachdev (Vocals /Rhythm Guitar),
Manoj Tamang (Lead guitar /Vocals),
Karthik Mani (Percussion)

Satvaanii brings a unique perspective to mantra chanting, shlokas and bhajans. While remaining authentic, they bring a youthful joy allowing meditators, chanters, swayers, dancers, and children to enjoy sacred music together. Their melodies invite chanting of sacred lines to move towards a blissful union with the divine.

After a series of concerts in Delhi, Satvaanii comes to Bangalore with music arrangements that draw influences from Hindustani, blues, pop, reggae, and global beats. A young collaborative, Satvaanii is focused on giving the sanghat (people present) a rejuvenating spiritual experience.

Bhuwan Sachdev (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) started exploring musical instruments at the age of 4 and started practicing Hindustani vocals at 12. Deciding that pursuing service to the divine through music satisfied his soul, he started exploring sacred music and composing his own melodies. Bhuvan owes his abilities grace of his spiritual master Tarneiv-ji, and studied hindustani vocals at KM Music Conservatory.

Manoj Tamang (Lead guitars / Backing Vocals) hails from Darjeeling and started playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Manoj studied music composition at KM Music Conservatory. He is a music composer, lyricist and a guitarist comfortable playing any genre and has worked and performed with many bands in Chennai.

Karthik Mani (Percussion) - inherited a classical Carnatic and fusion backgroud growing up inside the Karnataka College of Percussion. He grew into a world-class percussionist comfortable with instruments from all over the world, Karthik brings an energy to the stage that has to be experienced to be believed.

Donation: 300 (all proceeds go to the artists)
Children below 8 not allowed unless students of the arts
Email to reserve and get detailed directions
Whitefield, Bangalore


Thursday Nov 5

On Stage is proud to present:

Indian Classical: Dhrupad on Chandra Veena
S. Balachander (Chandra-Veena),
Sukhad Munde (Pakhawaj)

Dhrupad is the most ancient tradition of Indian Classical Music surviving today, which traces its origins to vedic chants. It is meditative in nature and is considered as ‘aradhana sangeet’ rather than for entertainment alone. Dhrupad has been traditionally performed using the vocal medium as also by ancient string instruments such as Veena, Sursringar, etc. A typical Dhrupad recital consists of an Alaap portion, which is a free exploration of a Raga without rhythmic accompaniment followed by a composition with rhythmic accompaniment, usually provided by the Pakhawaj.

S. Balachander (Chandra-Veena) - an instrumentalist who belongs to the Dagar Vani school of Dhrupad, and a disciple of the renowned vocalist Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar. S. Balachander will be presenting a Dhrupad recital on the ‘Chandra Veena’, a modified version of the Saraswati Veena developed by him, which has a tonal quality, resonance and sustenance suitable for playing all the nuances of the Dhrupad Alaap. S. Balachander has had training in both the Carnatic and Hindustani musical traditions and seamlessly integrates elements of both streams in his music.

Sukhad Munde (Pakhawaj) - a highly talented and accomplished young percussionist, Sukhad was initiated into the family tradition by his father, the renown Pt. Manik Munde. Sukhad has performed extensively all over the world, as a solo artist as well as accompanist. He has also forayed into collaborating with other percussionists and dancers.


Tuesday Oct 6

On Stage is honoured and excited to present:

Shatabdi Grove Express
Ralf Siedhoff (electric guitar),
Marc-Inti Männel Saavedra (bass),
Christian Schmidhofer (thavil and vocal),
Ron Reeves (kendang),
Karthik Mani (


OnStage is thrilled to present a world music fusion concert by SGE offering original compositions. This music is the result of years of passionate exploration of musical cultures of the world.

Each of the musicians of SGE, amazing inhis profession, has been moving away from the mainstream, delving into the deep interior of musical improvisation and experimental art. The musicians of SGE cannot be put into one category.
Their music-making does not recognize boundaries of musical structure, meter or improvisation. What they create, they simply call music. It is an innovative playfulness with musical parameters that lets its European roots and unbridled joy of rhythmic depths shine through.

The constellation of musicians is led by Christian who began his musical career as a jazz guitarist and was deeply impressed with South Indian percussion after seeing KCP and Embry; T.A.S. Mani accepted him as his student. Christian commuted between Bangalore and Germany and his newly acquired skills influenced his own musical ventures.

Ralf (Germany), Marc-Inti (Bolivia-Germany), and Ron (Australia) complete the global SGE.

The musicians are in Bangalore for the World Music Festival for the 50th Anniversary of the Karnataka College of Percussion at Sevasadan in Malleswaram 6:15pm-9pm Oct 7, 8, and 9, 2015


"Geetha had the audience lapping up every single semi tone... It was reminiscent of Ravi Shankar's performance at Woodstock..." - The Asian Age



"Poignant, reflexive and soulful notes emerged as Geetha performed the Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi. With perfect synchronisation and co-ordination, the artists performed music that was as far away as the Alps of Switzerland and U.S., combining it with local notes and style of South India." - The Hindu


Saturday May 17

On Stage is honoured and excited to present:

Evolving Esperanto
Music Beyond Borders by
Geetha, Gopal, Karthik

After a long hiatus, OnStage is thrilled to present a group that believes that the rich timbres and melodies of the orient can be enriched with the grandeur of harmonies of the west. The urgent pulse of 21st century urbania can be another colour in the palette of the sensitive aural artist and very well complement the sound of ancient strings without diluting the classical beauty, to give a refreshingly new perspective to our listening experience.

It is to recapture the spirit of music inherent in music all over the globe and rescue music from digital overkill that Gopal and Geetha Navale founded ESPERANTO in 1998. Going beyond industry definitions, they have evolved by feel a new music that has universal appeal and now tour the world to share the joy of their serendipitous discovery.

Vidhushi Geetha Navale plays one of the ancient and yet most versatile musical instruments in the world. She is able to touch the listener’s heart with her music. Her playing has gladdened hearts in many a small temple in Malleswaram while leaving audiences dizzy in jazz clubs in Manhattan. Her gurus are Sri J.Anjaneyulu and Sri R.K.Suryanaraya.

Gopal Nav (Vocals/ rhythm guitar) likes to profess that he is from the ‘Grateful Dead’ Gharana. He is now a keen student of South Indian Clasocal Carnatic music learning to sing varnams and kritis as well as play them on the flute and mandolin with elements of harmony. His exposure to both contemporary and Indian classical music enables him to bridge traditions.

Karthik Mani (Ghatam/percussion) has been playing and studying music since the age of five. A passionate and dedicated percussionist/drummer, Karthik has shared the stage with a Who’s Who list of global luminaries as well as sharing his talent at OnStage on several occassions.


A demo can be seen here.

Friday July 26

On Stage presents:

Odissi Dance
Madhusmita Mohanty

A dancer characterized by supple and graceful body movements, Madhusmita’s expressions and footwork synchronize to create an aesthetically gratifying experience. Initiated into dance at the age of six, she became an accomplished dancer under Orissa Dance Academy, and is now a senior teacher and Assistant Director of the institution.

She has performed at the Orissa Society of Americas Convention, USA and has also been to Thailand, China, Malaysia, and many European countries. Madhusmita is a recipient of Senior National Scholarship, the Sringarmani title from Sur Sringar Samsad, Mumbai, Deba Prasad Dash Memorial Fellowship 1997-98 and an empanelled artiste of ICCR. She is also the recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar award from the Government of India in the year 2008.



Sunday April 7

On Stage presents:

Hindustani Classical Fusion

Nivedita (vocal),
Jishnu (bass),
Karthik (percussion), Varun (keyboard)

Trained in the rigorous discipline of Hindustani Classical vocals, Nivedita Dutt ventures out to world music. She brings the flavour and depth of Indian Classical to the larger audience of the world, even to the uninitiated, by adapting her style and rhythm to contemporary vibes. Versatile as she is, she sings to the diverse settings of Lounge, Celtic, Western Classical, and other genres of International Music. She recently released her first album: Autumn Ballet.

Jishnu Dasgupta is the bass guitarist of Swarathma. Earlier he was the bassist of the XLRI band bodhiTree, best known for cult underground hits like 'GMD'. With engineering and MBA degrees from top schools, Jishnu was all set for a corporate career in marketing. He quit his brand-manager job and became a full-time musician with Swarathma in 2007.

Highly-acclaimed Karthik Mani is is an extremely versatile player, playing different genres of music as well as varied percussion instruments. He has toured across the world and has his own bands “The Karthik Mani Group” and “Taalization”. He is also a core member of Lehera and Moonara. He was the first Indian percussionist to win the “Independent World Music Award” for World Fusion.

Varun Pradeep is the keyboardist (details coming).


Sunday February 24

On Stage presents:

Western Classical Music
Piano, Vocal, and Violin Recital
Excelicia and Dawn

R. Excelicia Cunville co-founded and directed the Madrigal Internationale (Choir), Bombay. Excelicia (whose voice ranges from contralto to soprano), then went on to be invited to sing at the Zimriya Festival in Jerusalem, and to found and conduct the choir at Christ Church, Amsterdam. Her singing experiences include singing with the Studente Koor, Amsterdam, and the London Chorus, London. She has also sung solo in India, Thailand and the Netherlands.

At the piano, she has thrilled audiences in different settings. Her journey of enthralling us with her music continues on and the future abounds with more of her performances to charm and delight us.

Dawn Jos, who will accompany the singer on violin,  passed the ABRSM exams violin and music theory. He played in the film industry and has accompanied international artists including Richard Abel (pianist). He has also played  with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Indian National Symphony orchestra.



Sunday January 20, 2013

On Stage presents:

Fusion Concert
Chakra Quartet
Jessica Strutch (Western vocals, Germany)
Jishnu Dasgupta (bass guitar, India)
Tunji Beier (percussions, Australia)
Karthik Mani (percussions, India)

OnStage is honoured to feature an amazing fusion concert by the Chakra Quartet composed of four world class musicians.

An evening filled with jazz, pop, and original tunes with a pinch of Indian twist. Jessica's soaring vocals backed up with powerful bass lines of Jishnu and Karthik's and Tunji's percussion will take music to the next level. The claypot, cajon, mridangam, and drums all combine in various combinations to give a complete new feel to the songs. Odd meter rhythms and fast-paced compositions interlaced with solos and duets will keep the audience tapping to the music.

The musicians involved have years of experience behind them and have travelled all over the globe as a group and as well as individual artists; the evening promises fun, energy, and ... calm.



Sunday November 4, 5pm

On Stage presents:

Sreejaya Nair

Sreejaya started learning dance at the age of four from her aunt, Smt. Kalamandalam Sumathi. After 10 years she joined Kerala Kalamandalam where she won many awards and also studied Mohiniattam and Kuchipudi. She presently studies under Smt. Chitra Dasarathy from Kalakshetra. A performer, teacher and choreographer, she heads her own dance institution – Sreejaya’s School Of Classical Dance – in Bangalore.

Sreejaya is also famous as a Malayalam Film/TV actress. Sreejaya has toured all over the world and performed in many stage programs for both cinematic and classical performances.

Website has dance performance clippings.



Sunday September 30

On Stage presents:

Mridula Rao

Mridula, a senior student of Smt Nirupama Rajendra and Shri TD Rajendra, has been pursuing dance full time as a career. Her close association with her teachers over the last two decades has led her to understand dance at a deeper level and has expanded her sense of enjoyment of the Art. She has trained in Bharatanatyam for 19 years, kathak for 13 years and also in special movements of natya shastra( margi techniques). This unique experience in the varied styles has widened her perspectives in Art.

Being a part of the study circle of Natya Shastra conducted by Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh at Abhinava has awakened a special interest in Mridula for ancient Indian history, scriptures and culture which she pursues with keen interest.

As a core performing member of ADC, she has performed in major dance festivals nationally and toured extensively across continents.

Mridula is a graded artist of Doordarshan, Bangalore and has performed for several Indian and private televisions.



Sunday September 9, 5pm

On Stage presents:

Semi-Classical Musical
Gurupriya and Vedanth

Join us for an evening of semi-classical music as Gurupriya and Vedanth weave together music from various genres like Hindustani Classical, Indian Folk, Western Classical, Rock & Roll, and Blues. This will in turn be weaved in to the listeners through the strings of energy, leaving them cloaked with a feeling of peace and sublimity.

Gurupriya is a singer (Hindustani / playback). She has been under the tutelage of Sri Geetha Hegde in the Gwalior-Kirana Gharana styles. Gurupriya is looking to make her mark on the Indian music front through experiments/collaborations with other independent artists. Listen to her ...

Vedanth is a singer and guitarist - student of Sri Ramamoorthy Rao. Formally trained in Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music. Vedanth has created a unique sound and style for himself by accompanying himself on the guitar while singing Indian Classical and Folk music.





Sunday August 12

On Stage presents:

Parshwanath Upadhye

'Natya Mayura' awardee Parshwanath is one of the most sought out male Bharathanatyam dancers in India. Winner of eight national awards, he is one of the youngest to become 'A' grade artist of Bangalore Doordarshan.

Parshwanath completed his arangetram, vidwath and alankaar exams under Guru Shri Ravindra Sharma. From 2002 onwards Parshwanath continued his learning and exploring under the internationally acclaimed dancer duo, Shri Kiran Subramanyam and Smt. Sandhya Kiran. Parshwanath has worked with many reputed dance companies in India and abroad. He is a black belt in karate, a state level swimmer, a trained carnatic singer, and holds a masters in Kannada Literature.

Parshwanath, along with his wife, choreographs, directs, produces and performs dance presentations, runs dance workshops and classes at the 'Upadhye School of Dance' in Bangalore.

"A maestro in the making, Parshwanath Upadhye is a fantastic new face in the culture arena" - Times of India



Sunday July 8

On Stage presents:

Art/Dance/Music Improv
Jennifer S (Dance),
Santhosh S (Painting),

OnStage is happy to feature a mosaic of art, dance, and music. A contemporary dancer, a painter, and two musicians get together to see what they can inspire each other with and how can be inspired by each other.

"Dance, painting and music are meeting on this journey of the constant whirling: We find each other in fragments – we lose ourselves for ages – to get together for these rare moments of silence."



Saturday May 19

On Stage presents:

Carnatic Vocal
Vidya Subramanian
Meera Rajkumar (violin)
A. Rajkumar (mrudangam)

OnStage is happy to feature a Carnatic vocalist from Chennai: Vidya Subramanian. She is a senior disciple of Padmabhushan Lalgudi Jayaraman and director of, one of the top private schools for online Carnatic music learning. Vidya has performed concerts in India, Singapore and the USA, including the world famous December Music festival in Chennai and Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana. She has also won numerous awards and competitions. She also has an MBA from Boston University and ranked #2 in Chartered Accountancy in India.


Sunday March 25

On Stage presents:

Fusion Concert
Nepal To Bangalore Express

OnStage is honoured to feature an amazing fusion concert by Sunil - flute, Neeru - accoustic guitar, and
Karthik Mani - ghatam, cajon, konnakol.

The music of this band is fast, funky peppered with the earthy claypot, the echoes of the Himalayas combine with the Peruvian flamenco instrument cajon giving it a new twist, the folk songs of Nepal are mixed with the verbal konnakol and the guitar comes in to create a unique sound. Nepal to Bangalore Express consisting of two Nepalis and one Indian promises energy, fun, enthusiasm, and much more!


Sunday March 11

On Stage presents:

Accordion Concert

Come partake in a rare treat:
a delightful evening of European folk music ranging from waltzes, polkas to tangos and paso dobles on the accordion.

Inspired by Raj Kapoor in the film “Sangam”, Prakash took up and became a maestro of the Piano Accordion. He performs solo and also as the lead accordionist in the band The Tremelos. He also teaches and is one of the few tuners in India. His talent has been rewarded with several gigs all over the country and Europe.

Sunday February 19

On Stage presents:

Jyotsna Jagannathan

Dr. Jyotsna Jagannathan, one of Bharatnatyam's young leading dancers, started learning from Dr. Hema Govindarajan, in Nairobi, Kenya, She moved to Chennai. with two objectives: to pursue studies in medicine as well as dancing. She studied under Smt. Jayanthi Subramaniam, and Sri. A. Lakshman has been guiding her since. Jyotsna is also honing her skills in abhinaya with Smt. Bragha Bessell.

Jyotsna has presented at various sabhas in Chennai and throughout the country. She has been awarded the titles of “Natya Kala Vipanchee”- 2008, “Yuva Kala Bharathi”- 2008, Smt. Vasanthalakshmi & Sri. Narasimhachari Award from Narada Gana Sabha – 2008, “Singar Mani” – 2008. She received the Dr. M.G.R Award from the Madras Music Academy for 2006 and the Rohini Krishnan Memorial Award from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in 2002, her first solo performance in Chennai.

Sunday January 15

On Stage presents:

Carnatic Vocal
Aditya Prakash

Since the age of 8, Aditya has been learning from reputable gurus, including PS Narayanaswami and Palai Ramachandran. Aditya has had the rare privilege of touring with Pandit Ravi Shankar and has been the lead vocalist in Anoushka Shankar’s music albums. He has also performed with Karsh Kale and Salim Merchant. Aditya has been performing solo since the age of 12 in USA, Canada, Europe, and India at prominent venues including Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl, and The Music Academy. He will be accompanied by a percussionist and violinist.

He sings with verve, which could probably be explained away as being due to his age. But his music also displays modulation and mellowness such as one would expect in an older artiste.” -- The Hindu
Concert Clip 1
Concert Clip 2


Sunday December 18

On Stage presents:

Odissi Dance
Sarita Mishra

Sarita started learning dance at the age of four from Guru Niranjan Rout and Guru Padma Charan Dehuri and currently takes guidance from Guru Bichitrananda Swain, she is a . She has performed all over India and has been featured in the Discovery Channel feature on Konarak. She runs a dance academy in Bangalore.


Friday November 11

On Stage presents:

Fusion Dreams
Jyotsna, Shadrach, Manjunath

OnStage is honoured to feature an amazing Indian Jazz and World Fusion Concert by members ofworld famous group: Fusion Dreams. Fetauring Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth - Electric Voilin, Shadrach Solomon - Keyboards, and Manjunath - Mridangam.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to experience this group close up - a popular international group that performs normally in large venues.

Videos and audio samples available on the website.



Sunday August 28

On Stage presents:

Mid-Eastern and Jazz
Jagadeesh and Joffy

Come in for a soothing evening with
Jagadeesh on the guitar and oud, and
Joffy on African percussion,
performing mid-eastern, jazz and Beatles.


June 3 - 5

Jagriti Theater

Six Concerts
Hindustani Classical Bansuri
World Fusion
Carnatic Classical Violin
Western Classical

A weekend of music and dance like no other.

Sunday March 20

On Stage presents:

Jyotsna and Vallari

Jyotsna Vaideeswaran started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 5, with Kalakshetra's senior gurus. More recently she studied with Katherine and K P Kunhiraman in Berkeley and currently Jyotsna is in Chennai, studying with Padmabhushan C V Chandrasekhar, one of the seniormost Bharatanatyam gurus and Smt. Bragha Bessell, famous abhinaya exponent. Jyotsna has performed solo in the US, Canada, and India, including the Chennai season. She has also performed with various dance companies including Sampradaya Dance Creations, Toronto and NATyA in California. She also teaches in the Bay area.

Vallari Shah started studying Bharatanatyam at the age of 6 under Khurshid Chavda in Bombay, a disciple of Uday Shankar. Later she studied Bharatanatyam in Berkeley with Katherine and K P Kunhiraman, and now she is studying with Smt. Chitra Dasarathy, daughter of Prof C. V Chandrashekhar. She is also studying Odissi with Madhulitha Mohapatra. She has performed classical Indian dance solo for several years as well as a member of the Kalanjali Dance Company. Passionate about bringing Indian classical dance traditions to modern audiences, she co-founded NAtyA in 2003 and was the producer of its shows through 2007.


Sunday February 27
5:00 pm

On Stage presents:

Instrumental Carnatic
Classical Music

C N Chandrashekhar, Jayati Priya,
and T N Ramesh

C N Chandrashekhar is one of the most senior most violin players in India and is versatile in both the Hindustani and Karnatic styles. A Grade "A top", All India Radio artist he is also a member of the Kariakudi Mani Ensemble and has played all over India as well as abroad, including USA, Europe and South East Asia.

Jayati Priya is a senior disciple of TAS Mani. An experienced percussionist, he plays the mrindangam, dhol along with the manjira and konnakol and is a member of the TAS Mani, percussion ensemble. He has played all over India in Carnatic classical circuit.

Vidwan T. N. Ramesh is a senior disciple of TAS Mani. Along with the ghatam, he plays the mridangam, in both fusion and Karnatic classical. He is a member of the TAS Mani percussion ensemble. He has played all over India as well as the UK and USA.


Sunday January 30

On Stage presents:

Hindustani Vocal
Abhijit Shenoy, Adarsh Shenoy, Venkatesh, tampura

Abhijit Shenoy K started learning music from his grandparents and parents and then vocals in the Gwalior Gharana shaili from Pt.Harindra for 23 years. A B-grade artist of All India Radio, Abhijit has received the Aryabhatta award and Yuva Chandrahaasa Purasakara. He composes bandishes, teahes music, and has released two CDs (Hindustani Classical Vocal and Kannada Bhajans) and has performed extensively all over India.

Adarsh Shenoy K learned tabla under Sri Nagaraj Rao Gaikwad and since '99 under Pandit Rajgopal Kallurkar in the Faroukhabad style. He is currently also training in the Carnatic tala system. Recipient of many scholarships and one of the youngest tabla players to be awarded a B-High grade by All India Radio, Adarsh has given many programs on the Radio and TV. He has accompanied renowned artists including Prakash Sontakke, been part of many jugalbandi concerts, played alongside western musicians, and also been in fusion shows.

Venkatesh A will accompany them on the harmonium.

x will accompany them on the tampura.

Saturday November 27

On Stage presents:

Bansuri and Tabla
Butto and Muthu

Annada (Butto) Prasanna Pattanaik is one of India’s foremost classical bansuri (bamboo flute) artists. Butto performs as a soloist throughout India and Asia, has toured Europe many times, and performs in many world music festivals. Highly sought after by the film recording industry in Southern India - his is featured on over 1000 film songs. In addition, Butto has made numerous solo recordings, including Inner Vision, Deep Sky, Igneous, and India Songs. Butto studied with renowned flutist Professor M.M. Patnaik, and graduated with a Sangeet Visharada Purna degree from Pracheen Kala Kendra School, Chandigarth, India. He then began two years of intensive studies with the India’s leading bansuri maestro, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia.

Muthu Kumar, who inaugurated the OnStage concert series, returns accompanying Butto. Playing tabla since age five, Muthu performs and records extensively in India and abroad. His eagerness to explore has enabled him to perform in a wide variety of musical settings. He has performed on over 70 Bhajan, Ghazal, Indian Classical and Contemporary music recordings, and is heard on numerous Indian film recordings (Kannada and Tamil). During his 12-month tour of the USA in 2002-03, he performed and recorded such diverse music as Indian, Jazz, Gospel, and Hip-Hop. Influences from this tour inspired him to compose the music for his solo CD, Tabla Rap. Muthu studied in Bombay with the tabla legend Ustad Alla Rakha. He received his advanced tabla training from the great tabla virtuoso Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Yogesh Samsi. Muthu founded Singing Drums a school for tabla in Bangalore.



Sunday September 26

On Stage presents:

Hindi Film Classics
Prakash, Karthik, Govind, Kiran

Come sway to a magical instrumental concert of old Hindi film songs by four of Bangalore's finest musicians.

OnStage regulars Prakash (slide guitar) and Karthik (drums) team up with Govind (keyboard) and Kiran (tabla) to present Bollywood classics instrumental.

Prakash Sontakke is the son and disciple of Dr. R.B. Sontakke and has a triple masters degree in Hindustani classical music – guitar, vocals and violin. He prefers to play the Gayaki Ang (vocal style) and creatively exploing jazz and world music. Prakash has the prestigious Aryabhatta and Ganayogi Panchakshari Gawai awards.

Karthik Mani plays different genres of music on various percussion instruments. He has toured across the world with his own bands “The Karthik Mani Group” and “Taalization”, and with "Lehera” and "MoonArra". He is the first Indian percussionist to win the “Independent World Music Award” for World Fusion.

Yedi Govindam has been playing keyboard for 20 years all over India and Asia.

M S Kiran is one of the leading accompanists on the tabla in the classical concert circuit of Karnataka as well as India. His initialisation was through Sri Hanumant Upadhyaya and Pandit Shashikant Kulkarni of Hubli and then became a disciple of Pandit Ravindra Yavagal.


Sunday September 5

On Stage presents:

Odissi Dance
Pankaj Kumar Pradhan

Pankaj Kumar Pradhan is an experienced member of the famed Orissa Dance Academy, Bhubaneswar. He was initiated into Odissi by Guru Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, and later nurtured under Guru Pabitra Kumar Pradhan, under the supervision of Guru Aruna Mohanty and Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. He has extensively performed throughout India and countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and China. He is also a recipient of the Senior National Scholarship from the Government of India in 2006.


Sunday August 8

On Stage presents:

Kathak Dance
Sweekruth & Smitha

Sweekruth B.P. is an accomplished Kathak dancer, teacher and choreographer. His initial training was with the renowned dancer couple, Shri T.D Rajendra and Smt. Nirupama Rajendra and since then trained with several Guru’s, including Geetanjali Lal, Murli Mohan and Pt. Birju Maharaj. He was the recipient of the “Nrutya Kowmudhi” award and most recently featured in the “Attendance” magazine as one of the leading artists in Bangalore. He has performed extensively in India and tours in USA and Europe. He is the artistic director of the “Sathkrutha Academy of Movement & Expression (S.A.M.E)” in Bangalore.

Smitha Srinivasan has been training in Kathak under the able tutelage of renowned Kathak exponents Nandini Mehta and Murali Mohan at NADAM. She has been a company dancer since NADAM’s inception. Since then she has honed her repertoire by training with Pt Birju Maharaj, Smt Bragha Bessel, Shri Maulik Shah and Smt Ishira Parekh. She has performed extensively in India and Europe.



Sunday July 18

On Stage presents:


MoonArra means “Three Streams. These five musicians - Jagadeesh (acoustic guitar, oud), Madhuri (vocals), Prakash Sontakke (slide guitar, vocals), Karthik Mani (ghatam, cajun, khanjira, and konnakol) and Wilson Kenneth (bass) - are on a journey that has no destination. They are inspired by sounds that have travelled from North India to Andalusian Spain to their collective upbringing in Carnatic and Hindustani classical.

MoonArra performed at the Indigo & Blues jazz festival in 2008, in 2009 at the Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia (largest jazz festival in the world) (video clip), and in 2010 at the Bangkok Jazz Festival. They have had rave reviews, including in The Hindu: "MoonArra's music was as chatty as the band, honest without hype ... a bridge to music from across the world with a geography all its own."

MoonArra's first CD Indian Accent will be released in August.



Sunday June 6 4pm

On Stage presents:

Odissi Dance
Amulya Balabantaray

We are extremely fortunate to have a performance by Amulya who is conducting workshops in Bangalore, visiting from Orissa. Amulya is one of the leading Odissi dancers of the present generation. This extraordinary performer's thirst for knowledge and excellence, and quest for perfection in dance, took him to Orissa Dance Academy in Bhubaneswar, where he received training under Padmashree Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. Gurus Aruna Mohanty, Bichitrananda Swain and Manoranjan Pradhan
helped him perfect and master the dance form. He has also completed his
Sangeet Visharad from Akhila Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal.

He has bagged many awards and honours for his artistry and excellence.
Amulya has danced all over India, been invited to perform at Konarak and also at the Lincoln Center, New York among others. Presently Amulya is a regular member of the Rudrakshya Dance Ensemble.
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Friday February 26 8pm

On Stage presents:

Western Classical Music
Piano and Vocal Recital
Excelicia and Mariella

Excelicia has played piano in different settings - operrettas, musicals, and at the Taj and Leela. She has sung solo in India, Bangkok, and the Netherlands. She was a member of the Studente Koor (a choir in Amsterdam), and the Anglo -American Theatre Group of the Hague. She co-founded and directed the Madrigal Internationale (Choir), Bombay, and founded and conducted the choir in Christ Curch, Amsterdam. Excelicia is involved in a variety of activities here in Bangalore from NGO's to corporate training, and college lecturing(literature), but most of the time follows her passion for music.

Excelicia will be accompanied by Mariella on the piano when she sings.


Friday January 29 8pm

On Stage presents:

World Fusion Music
Prashant John, Prakash Sontakke, Karthik Mani

An Indo-Canadian band exploring offshoots of classical traditions into funk, jazz, and the blues.

Since 2005, the trio bring together their roots in North and South Indian classical and Western musical forms to create a genre-defying and universally appealing music, both energetic and contemplative. Vocals, and English and Classical Indian styles intertwine with Hindustani slide guitar, violin, bamboo flute, and vocal harmonics. Their music is driven by the ghatam, a clay pot drum, konnakol, a linguistic drum language, and other world percussion peppered with funky and bluesy guitar styling’s.

They have played both in India and Canada and have received some rave reviews. Here is what some of the local critiques have to say about them:

“[Lehera] …has given fusion a different dimension, mixing classical [Indian] with funk and jazz.” - The Deccan Herald, India.

“The band has expertly blended everything from konnakol to blues and jazz guitaring to vocal harmonics from the Tuvon tradition”
- The Hindu, Bangalore.

Most recently, Lehera was also chosen as winners in the world fusion category of the prestigious Independent Music Awards (IMAs) 2009. For more information visit Lehera's website.





Friday January 15 8pm

On Stage presents:

Carnatic Music Concert
TAS Mani
Karthik Mani
Amith Nadig

A trio of Bangalore's best Carnatic musicians spanning two generations.

TAS Mani has been playing the Mrindangam for over 5 decades across the world. Rated as “A top” artist by All India Radio, Mr Mani has played with several eminent artists ranging from D.K.Pattamal and M.S. Subbalakshmi to Charlie Mariano and Doug Hammond.

He will be accompanied by his son Karthik Mani on the Ghatam. Karthik is is an extremely versatile player, playing different genres of music as well as varied percussion instruments. He too has toured across the world and has his own bands “The Karthik Mani Group” and “Taalization”. He is also the highly-acclaimed percussionist of the Indo-Canadian band "Lehera” and the first Indian percussionist to win the “Independent World Music Award” for World Fusion.

Joining the percussionist duo is Amith Nadig, widely acclaimed as a child prodigy of Karnataka. He is one of the youngest “A” graded artist of All India Radio and has performed all over the world. He is famous for his rare talent of producing sound which can range from a of mood of deepest meditation to experimental world music and already has 10 albums to his credit!